The story of one of the largest surveillance programs in Canadian History.

PROFUNC was a surveillance and control progra created by the Canadian Government and run by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which ran from 1950 to 1983. This program was both narrow in scope in the fact that it was completely ineffective, but dangerously broad in the large number of Canadians it targeted, which included immigrants of Russian and Ukranian descent

The program was first exposed by Dean Beeby of the Canadian Press, but was not discussed at lenght until the Fifth Estate presented their documentary, "Enemies of the State", which goes into detail of the program. However, due to budget cuts, much of the information on the website was lost, and the documents unavailable there.

In 2011, while working on and uncovering the V2010ISU-JIG, G8-G20ISU-JIG and the Aboriginal JIG, I decided to see if there was a connection between the programs and stumbled on a large number of documents from the Privy Council Office. I then also decided to request files from the Library and Archives Canada to see if I could get a more clear picture of the RCMP Secuity Serivce activities

The RCMP Security Service was dismantled by the McDonald Commission, also known as the Royal Commission of Inquiry intp Certain Activites of the RCMP. This was related both to the Parti Quebecois, the FLQ but as well as PROFUNC and the RCMP's inability to operate as an effective security force since it lacked oversight. This lead to the creation of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Those who forget the past, or are unaware of the past are dommed to repeat it. Given the recent emphasis on expanding CSIS powers through C-51 and other bills, the tales of the PROFUNC program is a sobering reminder of what happens when these powers go completely unchecked, and when people give into their suspicion of entire populations.

Download The ProFunc Documents

All the documents are available for download

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If you were involved in PROFUNC, either as a former RCMP officer, or as one of the targets surveilled by the state, I would be extremely interested in hearing your story, I can be contacted at the e-mail below.